Consulting Services


Case Review

Our experts will provide a thorough review of all case material and provide the client with an unbiased, independent and data driven conclusion based on the evidence in the case.  These case reviews have assisted our clients in more clearly understanding the values of the physical evidence in their case.  Triad Forensics speaks for the evidence and in many cases, the evidence needs a voice.

Trial Preparation

Triad Forensics can assist our clients in preparing for judicial proceedings whether in the civil and criminal courts.

Prosecution & Defense Cases Accepted

Both Prosecution and Defense cases are accepted by Triad Forensics

Traveling Response

Triad Forensics experts are willing to travel anywhere necessary to provide forensic services for our clients.  

Other Areas of Consultation

Interpretation of Reports

Crime Scene Analysis / Reconstruction

Discovery and Witness Preparation 

Consultation Agreements

Triad Forensics has agreements with other experts across the country to work closely together and for the best interest of our clients.  If our experts are not the best for the job, we will find you the best for our client.